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Getting Internet from a Mac OS X computer which shares its one

Assuming you have a Mac with an Internet connection on some port (for example, it gets the internet from an ADSL modem connected to its ethernet port), you can "export" it to the Stylistic via WiFi connection.

On the Mac OS X computer, set up in the "Sharing" pane of the System Preferences:

On the Linux computer (the Stylistic), start YaST with administrator (root) privileges; go to Network Devices, and select Network Card, and setup:

Click "Next" to go on to Wireless Device Settings:

Note: if it cannot connect at boot and asks again for the password, then you ned to select "WEP 40/104 Ascii" and "Authentication: Shared Key" in the "Connect to Wireless Network" dialog.

It seems that Apple has its own authentication issues, thus you cannot use the "Open" key mode (which is actually safer than the "Shared").

If you have an USB mouse, right-click on the NetworkManager applet, click on "Configure", and select:

This is the most generic configuration but it has a large pitfall: the use of a WEP/104 key (also known as WEP128), because the Mac OS X does not allow to "export" an internet connection on a WPA secured network.

If you use it only to check your mail once per day, then it can be assumed as safe even if your neighbors are full-time WiFi scanners and hackers. Hacking a WEP/104 key requires at least some 7-10 hours of intense WiFi traffic.

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