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Since there is no unique official definition of what to do to be called "LEGO® purist", I try here to give some guidelines.


  1. "excellence": strictly follows purism rules below
  2. "pure": follows rules below but also "discouraged" stuff
  3. "exception": like "pure" but also "deprecated" exceptions (see below).


  1. you shall use only original LEGO® products
  2. you shall not modify bricks and parts (no cutting, no drilling, no gluing, no painting, no molding, no decaling...)
  3. LEGO® original battery packs or rechargeable batteries in LEGO® battery boxes); common 1.5V batteries are deprecated

General quality indicators:

  1. realistic
  2. original
  3. detailed
  4. minifig scale
  5. functional (example: gears are meant to be... "gears")
  6. color scheme

Building quality indicators:

You shall use only original LEGO products

Examples: Mildly deprecated (only allowed for complex projects):

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